Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono, also known as Yuriusu Novakurono, holds the title of the 28th Wizard King of the Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. He previously served as the captain of the Grey Deer squad.

Julius enjoys disguising himself to explore new magic. In popularity polls, he ranked #18, #5, #13, #17, #28, and #27 consecutively. In VIZ popularity polls, he ranked #7, #4, and #11 in different editions. The design of his grimoire serves as the background for Volume 15’s cover, featuring a three-leaf clover. Julius and the Witch Queen share the top spot for being the best at handling liquor in the Assorted Questions Brigade Rankings. His family name, Novachrono, combines “nova” (Latin for “new”) and “Chrono” (Greek for “time”).


Julius was a tall, middle-aged man with short, messy blond hair and purple eyes. One of his notable features was a blue six-pointed star on the left side of his forehead, which vanished upon his death.

His outfit typically consisted of a shirt and pants with matching colors and designs. The white shirt had a high collar adorned with black fur, along with intricate gold and purple patterns around it. The sleeves were long, with light purple cuffs featuring similar black fur and designs. Each sleeve also had gold ring-shaped ornaments on both the upper and lower parts. Julius paired these with brown pants and high boots of a similar color, also adorned with black fur at the collars.

On top of his ensemble, Julius dons a long red robe that covers him entirely. The part of the robe covering his torso features white fur, and on top of this fur, he wears a gold necklace and a couple of medals. One medal, a gold one with a green cross, is positioned on his left chest, while the other, a shield with gold and red colors, sits on his right side. Additionally, a pair of robes extend from the fur on his right back. Moreover, the robe has only one sleeve for his right arm.

Physical appearance of Julius Novachrono: The Wizard King of Black Clover Manga

During his tenure in the Grey Deer squad, both as a member and later as captain, Julius wears its squad robe over a longer robe. After reviving himself using stored time, Julius’s body regresses physically to that of his 13-year-old self. He becomes much shorter, and his hair grows longer and shaggier. He wears smaller versions of his previous attire to fit his new size. Six months later, his hair remains shaggy, and he sports a dark-colored jacket with a high collar and ornamentation along the center seam. He pairs this with light-colored shorts and a knee-length collared cape tied at his neck with a plain cord.


Julius has a deep fascination with magic, often venturing throughout the kingdom in search of new and unfamiliar types. His childlike excitement emerges whenever he encounters something new, making his usually mature demeanor give way to a more playful and enthusiastic personality. To avoid being recognized, he even goes to the extent of disguising himself during these explorations.

However, his playful nature sometimes leads him to neglect his responsibilities as the Wizard King. He may leave his duties abruptly, especially when high-ranking and low-ranking Knights are present, knowing that their conflicting interests could cause tension.

Despite his occasional playfulness, Julius possesses profound wisdom, drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience in both magic and social dynamics. This is evident when he identifies an artifact discovered by Yuno in a dungeon and offers guidance to both Yuno and Asta on the responsibilities of being a Wizard King. Furthermore, Julius’s treatment of individuals disregards their social status; he treats Asta and Yuno no differently than other Knights, irrespective of their ranks.

At his core, Julius is a compassionate and determined individual, inspired in part by Zara Ideale, the first commoner to become a Magic Knight. Zara’s dedication to protecting the citizens of the Clover Kingdom deeply influenced Julius, motivating him to pursue the position of Wizard King after Zara’s passing. In his final moments, Julius reflects on his gratitude for encountering a diverse array of magic and people. His compassionate nature is further demonstrated by his non-lethal confrontation with Patolli, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and his selfless use of stored magic to defend the capital city’s inhabitants, highlighting his profound love for his people and country.


Julius was originally born in the Spade Kingdom, sharing his body with another soul named Lucius Zogratis. At some point, they both become hosts for the devil Astaroth. Later, Julius relocates to the Clover Kingdom and becomes part of a noble family. He eventually joins the Grey Deer squad of the Magic Knights and rises to become its captain.

While traveling incognito, Julius witnesses Yami Sukehiro demonstrate Dark Magic and is impressed. He extends an invitation to Yami to join the Magic Knights. During that year’s Magic Knights Entrance Exam, Julius recruits both Morgen Faust and Yami. Because Yami is a foreigner, Julius also takes on the task of teaching him the Clover Kingdom’s language.

In another encounter, Julius is amazed by the World Tree Magic demonstrated by a young William Vengeance and invites him to join the Magic Knights. When William hesitates due to his scar, Julius kindly offers him a helmet.

Biography of Julius Novachrono

During a conflict between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom, Julius faces off against Lotus Whomalt on the battlefield, witnessing firsthand the latter’s impressive fighting skills. Years later, Julius and several Knights return to the Noble Realm after successfully defending against a foreign invasion. The citizens of the Noble Realm warmly welcome them with joyous cheers.

Six months after that, Julius disguises himself as an older woman and explores Kikka’s black market. He engages in a gamble with Sekke Bronzazza and emerges victorious. However, his belongings are stolen by a thief shortly afterward. Thankfully, Sekke and fellow Knights from the Black Bull squad apprehend the thief and return Julius’s belongings. After the Black Bulls depart, Julius reveals his true identity and takes an interest in Asta and his Anti Magic abilities. Despite receiving a call from Marx Francois requesting his immediate presence, Julius chooses to ignore it. When informed of an emerging problem, Julius assures Marx that he has found the perfect candidate to handle it.

Later, Julius sends a formal letter to Yami assigning Asta a mission to explore a newly emerged dungeon. Upon receiving a report that the Diamond Kingdom has also sent Lotus Whomalt and his group to explore the same dungeon, Julius remains calm despite his subordinates’ panic, trusting in the abilities of his Knights.

After learning of the successful completion of the dungeon exploration mission, Julius requests a meeting with the Knights involved. During the meeting, he examines an artifact retrieved by Yuno from the Golden Dawn squad. Though initially excited, Julius is disappointed when Yuno admits his inability to control it. Despite this setback, Julius encourages Yuno to grow alongside the artifact, Sylph.

Julius then examines Asta’s artifact but struggles to comprehend the writing in the grimoire. When Asta summons the sword from the writings, Julius senses his mana being absorbed by the sword. He returns it to Asta, explaining that Asta is the only one capable of wielding the sword due to his lack of magical power.

Following Asta and Yuno’s inquiry about achieving the rank of Wizard King, Julius explains that anyone with a great reputation could attain the title. He then invites the young Knights to accompany him to a War Merits Conferment Ceremony, where he promotes several Knights and hosts a banquet for all participants before mysteriously disappearing.

During Julius’s absence from the Royal Capital, he travels to the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s hideout and waits for the mages who had attacked the city to return. Upon their arrival, Julius confronts them, swiftly dispatching two attackers and offering mercy to those willing to surrender. When none comply, Julius engages in a battle with the remaining mages, eventually activating a restraining magic spell to subdue them.

After noticing Asta’s release from Sally’s spell, Julius offers assistance, but Asta refuses and stands on his own. The Wizard King then turns his attention to the sephirot within the hideout. Suddenly, a bright light appears, causing the sephirot and the restrained mages to vanish. Julius secures one mage, suspecting the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun is behind the Light Magic. As he activates communication magic, Marx informs him of the situation in the Royal Capital.

Julius swiftly returns to the city, accompanied by Asta and the rogue mage. Upon learning of Fuegoleon Vermillion’s condition, he reevaluates his decision to leave the capital’s protection to the Knights and assesses the severity of the threat. Addressing the Knights, Julius offers words of encouragement regarding their mission as protectors of the Clover Kingdom.

He then speaks to the citizens of the Royal Capital about the invasion, withholding certain sensitive information, such as his suspicion of a traitor within the Magic Knights. Later, he oversees Marx’s interrogation of Catherine and George, members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, but the attempt yields no useful information.

After Asta recovers, Julius has him brought to the dungeon to remove the wards on Catherine and George. However, Julius becomes distracted when Asta questions him about the abilities of the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s leaders. When Asta touches the captives with the Demon-Slayer Sword, Julius instructs Marx to activate his magic.

Upon learning the identity of the traitor, Gueldre Poizot, Julius summons the Magic Knight Captains and asks the captives to confirm their answer. When Gueldre tries to escape, he is restrained by Asta and Rill Boismortier. Julius expresses his gratitude for their swift action, admitting he struggles to control his power. He confronts Gueldre and has Marx display the captain’s memories, reminding the captains of their duty to protect citizens and ordering them to search for more traitors within their squads discreetly.

Julius then meets with Yami and Asta, explaining the significance of magic stones and Grand Magic Zones, and tasks the Black Bulls with recovering a magic stone from the Seabed Temple.

After the Black Bulls successfully retrieve the magic stone and captives, Julius congratulates them. However, news of an attack by the Diamond Kingdom on Kiten interrupts their celebration. Watching the battle unfold, Julius is impressed by Yuno’s strength and instructs the Black Bulls to support the Golden Dawns.

At the annual Star Awards Festival, Julius gathers all squad captains and addresses the crowd, aiming to boost morale and support for the Magic Knights. He announces the Golden Dawn as the highest-ranking squad and praises Yuno’s contributions. Surprisingly, the Black Bulls rank second, prompting Julius to invite any member to the stage in their captain’s absence.

During the ninth match, Julius is impressed by Asta’s Black Hurricane and Magna’s Extreme Killing Vanishing Magic Ball. In the tenth match, he eagerly observes Finral and Langris’ clashing Spatial Magic, but his demeanor turns serious when Langris creates multiple spatial distortions. Julius is astonished by the scale of the explosions resulting from their magic clash.

When Langris attempts to kill the unconscious and heavily injured Finral, Julius, along with the Black Bulls and his aides Marx and Owen, intervenes to stop him. Julius remarks on his distrust for those who show leniency towards their comrades and those who attempt to harm them. Despite Langris’s request to deal with the Black Bulls, he attacks before Julius can respond. However, Asta nullifies the attack, prompting Julius to declare a new match between Team B and Team G.

To prepare for the unexpected battle, Julius freezes Asta and Langris in time and gathers their teammates with Cob’s assistance. After briefing them on the rules, Julius releases Asta and Langris and silently observes the ensuing match.

During the tournament, Julius is impressed by Yuno’s growth as he singlehandedly defeats Team M. He then announces the final match between Team I and Team P. When Yuno demonstrates his Spirit Dive spell, Julius is once again impressed by his growth and power.

After the tournament concludes, Julius approaches Zora and notes his resemblance to Zara Ideale. He asks if Zora would wear his Black Bull robe, but Zora refuses to acknowledge any connection.

Several days later, Julius watches the sunset from the palace tower when William approaches him. William removes his mask and expresses gratitude to Julius for his support but confesses his inability to choose between two paths. He then transforms into Patolli, revealing his true identity as Licht. Julius expresses regret over the revelation and questions how Patolli removed William’s scar. Patolli explains his immunity to human curses and reveals his hatred for humans. Julius, determined to protect the kingdom, engages in a battle with Patolli.

During their confrontation, Julius displays his mastery of Time Magic, countering Patolli’s attacks. He reflects on his journey to becoming the Wizard King and his desire to create a future without discrimination. As Patolli unleashes a devastating spell on the kingdom, Julius creates a giant clock to neutralize it but is mortally wounded in the process.

As Julius lies dying, he reflects on his life’s regrets and leaves the kingdom’s defense to Yami. However, he is resurrected the next morning due to the additional time stored in his tattoo, albeit in his adolescent form. Julius thanks Yami and William but reprimands William for his betrayal. He pledges to make William work for the kingdom’s recovery effort.

In a meeting with Mimosa, Asta, Noelle, and Secre, Julius warns of the kingdom’s imminent destruction and Asta’s impending death. He explains that Asta’s Anti Magic originates from a devil, posing a threat to the Magic Knights amid ongoing turmoil with the Diamond and Spade Kingdoms. Julius predicts Asta may face trial for his devil power by the Magic Parliament.

A few days later, during the Devil Trial, Julius intervenes by sending Nozel and Fuegoleon to interrupt the trial and assign a mission to the Black Bulls: to monitor Asta and Secre during their exile and investigate devils further. This action convinces the Parliament to postpone judgment on Asta and Secre, allowing them to go free. Damnatio Kira later visits Julius, who explains his trust in the Black Bulls to return with evidence or power that will benefit the country, thereby justifying their interruption of the trial and clearing Asta and Secre. However, Damnatio warns of consequences if they fail.

When Marx informs Julius of contact from the Heart Kingdom, Julius eagerly inquires about Princess Lolopechka’s magic and discusses allying with their countries. Six months later, after the attacks on the Golden Dawn and Black Bull bases, Julius attends a meeting where Nacht Faust and Asta arrive. Julius vouches for Nacht’s identity but is surprised to learn he hosts a devil. After Nacht explains the Tree of Qliphoth’s ritual, Julius contacts Gadjah to coordinate an invasion of the Spade Kingdom.

During a demon attack on the Clover Kingdom, Julius temporarily ages himself to combat the demon but unexpectedly reverts to his true form in front of the kingdom. Asta arrives and defeats the demon with his Anti Magic, impressing Julius. As the second gate to the underworld opens, Julius senses Lucifero’s imminent emergence and later transforms into Lucius Zogratis, incapacitating Damnatio.