Mars, also known as Marusu, is a prominent member of the Diamond Kingdom’s Eight Shining Generals. To augment his magic abilities, he underwent extensive human experimentation in his kingdom, which resulted in the embedding of numerous mage stones within his body.

Mars cherishes a deep bond with his childhood friend, Fana, which holds a special place in his heart. His grimoire design, a symbol of his magical prowess, graces the cover of Volume 10. Known for his impressive physique, he ranks as the sixth most muscular character. While his popularity fluctuates across different polls, he notably ranked #16 in the first and #10 in the VIZ popularity poll. Mars draws inspiration from Greek mythology for many of his spells, such as Talos, Nemean lion, Titan, Harpe, and Phoenix. Interestingly, his name is derived from the Roman god of war.


Mars possesses a unique physical appearance that sets him apart. He has a slender build and stands at an average height. His short, light purple hair is styled into spikes, with a lock falling over his forehead. His eyes, a striking pink, lack eyebrows, and he has pale skin. Notably, he bears turquoise mage stones on his forehead and chest, arranged in a distinct pattern, a visual representation of his magical abilities.

In terms of attire, Mars wears a skintight vest and cropped pants over a black jumpsuit with short sleeves and an open-chest design. Blue diamond-shaped ornaments adorn his shoulders and navel area. Over the jumpsuit, he dons a tight white vest with brown trimmings, revealing his chest, along with cropped pants that feature similar designs. His high boots, also white with brown trimmings, have pointed tips and black vamps. Completing his ensemble is a black fur coat embedded with crystals.


Following the grueling human experimentation, Mars transforms into a stoic and determined individual, driven solely by his objectives. This unwavering focus allows him to attack even the most vulnerable targets without hesitation ruthlessly. His arrogance leads him to view adversaries as insignificant obstacles, often underestimating their capabilities.

Personality of Mars in Black Clover Manga

Despite his stern demeanor, Mars possesses keen perceptiveness, swiftly assessing his opponent’s strengths and adapting his tactics accordingly. However, his encounter with Asta triggers a transformation. Freed from brainwashing, Mars regains his memories and reverts to his kind and reserved nature. Grateful for Lotus’s intervention, he embarks on a mission to honor his promise to Fana, quietly striving to better the Diamond Kingdom and secretly aiding the innocent during his kingdom-sanctioned missions.


Mars possesses several magic attributes:

Crystal Magic: With this ability, Mars can create and control crystals.

Creation Magic: Mars employs this magic to craft various objects and creatures out of crystal.

Fire Magic: Mars wields fire-based magic, enabling it to generate and manipulate flames.

Healing Magic: Mars utilizes his fire magic for healing purposes, aiding in recovery.


Enhanced Strength: Mars displays remarkable physical strength, effortlessly launching opponents like Ladros with a simple arm thrust.

Immense Endurance: Mars demonstrates remarkable endurance in battles. Despite having his magic nullified by Asta and sustaining powerful blows from his Anti Magic Weapon, he quickly recovers with only minor injuries. He also withstands a direct attack from the formidable Salamander, sustaining severe burns yet remaining resilient and continuing to fight.

Immense Magic Power: Regarded as the Diamond Kingdom’s secret weapon, Mars boasts an extraordinary amount of magic power. Figures like Lotus Whomalt and Ladros acknowledge his immense prowess. Fanzell recognizes Mars as his most formidable student, surpassing even his capabilities. Despite Ladros’s strength, he admits that Mars has always been superior.

Artificial Dual Mana Elemental Affinity: Mars possesses a unique trait of dual mana elemental affinity, attributed to both crystal and fire elements. This enables him to employ spells from both fire magic and crystal magic simultaneously, enhancing his versatility and combat prowess. Mars acquired this dual affinity through a process involving his grimoire being merged with Fana’s, imbuing him with fire affinity.

Mars wields a unique grimoire:

Grimoire: Mars’s grimoire houses a diverse array of crystal and fire-based spells. Notably, its covers are crafted from two distinct covers, which are roughly stitched together, resulting in a single grimoire adorned with two diamond insignias.


Mars and Fana share a deep bond forged in their childhood. Despite their unspoken feelings, their friendship blossoms during their time in the Diamond Kingdom’s experimental training. Tragically, they are pitted against each other, forced to confront their loyalty and love.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Fana deceives Mars into fatally injuring her, urging him to seek freedom and experience the world on her behalf. However, Fana survives through her magic and later becomes possessed by an elf named Fana.

Years later, their paths converge again, and Mars is burdened with guilt for his past actions toward her. Despite his willingness to sacrifice himself, Asta persuades Mars to help free Fana from her possessions and safeguard her.

Relationships of Mars in Black Clover Manga

Upon Fana’s liberation, their love and devotion resurface as Mars valiantly shields her from harm. When Mars faces imminent peril, Fana summons her Salamander to rescue him, sealing their promise to remain together and explore the world once Mars resolves his affairs in the Diamond Kingdom. Fana’s unwavering embrace and assurance of waiting underscore their profound connection and commitment to each other.


Mars’s early life was marked by tragedy as he became an orphan at a young age. Despite this hardship, he was chosen to participate in a groundbreaking experiment conducted by the Diamond Kingdom aimed at augmenting the magical abilities of its mages. Under the guidance of Fanzell Kruger, Mars met his fellow participant, Fana, who shared his optimism about the experiment’s purported noble purpose.

As the experiment progressed, Mars and Fana forged a deep connection, nurturing dreams of exploring the world together once they were free from the confines of their situation. However, their aspirations were shattered when the experiment’s final phase descended into a brutal battle for survival, with only one participant allowed to emerge victorious. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Fana, compelled by the rules of the experiment, attacked Mars. Despite Mars’s initial shock and resistance, he ultimately dealt a fatal blow to Fana, consumed by a tumult of conflicting emotions.

However, Fana’s dying moments revealed the true nature of her actions. As she healed Mars’s wounds, she implored him to fulfill their shared dream of exploring the world on her behalf. Mars, burdened by grief and resolve, emerged as the sole survivor of the experiment, marked by the fusion of Fana’s fire affinity into his being and grimoire through the embedding of mage stones.

In the face of Mars’s relentless assault, the Golden Dawn mages found themselves locked in a fierce battle. Mars, driven by determination and formidable magical prowess, pressed on with his relentless attacks, seeking to overwhelm his adversaries.

As the confrontation escalated, Mars showcased his mastery of Crystal Magic, weaving intricate spells with precise control over crystalline structures. His maneuvers were executed with calculated precision, aimed at exploiting any weakness in his opponent’s defenses.

Despite the Golden Dawn’s valiant efforts to counter Mars’s onslaught, they found themselves at a disadvantage, struggling to keep pace with his relentless assault. Yuno, in particular, demonstrated remarkable resilience and resourcefulness in the face of Mars’s overwhelming power, but even his formidable abilities seemed insufficient to turn the tide of battle.

Just as Mars seemed poised to secure victory, the unexpected arrival of the Black Bulls disrupted the precarious balance of power on the battlefield. Their intervention injected a new dynamic into the conflict, forcing Mars to reassess his strategy and confront a fresh set of challenges.

The clash between Mars and the Golden Dawn, punctuated by moments of intense action and strategic maneuvering, exemplified the high stakes and relentless pursuit of victory that characterized the battles within the dungeon. As the confrontation reached its climax, the outcome remained uncertain, with both sides locked in a struggle for supremacy.

Mars’s determination to overcome his opponents was unwavering, even in the face of adversity. As he recovered from Asta’s previous assault, he tapped into his reserves of magical energy, summoning forth a formidable suit of crystal armor to bolster his defenses.

With renewed vigor, Mars launched a relentless barrage of attacks, each strike fueled by his unwavering resolve. However, Asta’s resilience and unyielding determination proved to be formidable obstacles, as he deftly countered Mars’s onslaught with remarkable agility and skill.

As the battle raged on, Mars found himself grappling with memories from his past, memories that threatened to distract him from the task at hand. Yet, his resolve remained unbroken, and he pressed on with renewed determination, refusing to be swayed by doubt or hesitation.

In a desperate bid to gain the upper hand, Mars unleashed a flurry of speed-oriented attacks, each blow delivered with lightning-fast precision. Asta, though battered and bruised, refused to yield, his unwavering resolve serving as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos of battle.

Despite Mars’s best efforts, Asta’s indomitable spirit proved to be his undoing. The young swordsman launched a decisive counterattack, sending Mars reeling and forcing him to retreat. Yet, even in defeat, Mars remained undaunted, his resolve unbroken as he prepared to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Despite the chaos of battle and the relentless onslaught from his adversaries, Mars remained steadfast in his resolve. His determination to fulfill his promise to Fana and explore the outside world fueled his every action, driving him to push beyond his limits and overcome any obstacle in his path.

As Asta and his allies stood against him, Mars unleashed a barrage of attacks, each strike infused with the full force of his magical prowess. Yet, Asta’s newfound strength and unwavering determination proved to be formidable adversaries as they deftly parried his assaults and countered with relentless ferocity.

In a desperate bid to gain the upper hand, Mars unleashed his most powerful spells, each one aimed at incapacitating his opponents and securing victory. Yet, Asta’s resilience and unyielding spirit proved to be his undoing, as they weathered his attacks and launched a decisive counterattack that left him reeling.

As Mars lay unconscious amidst the crumbling ruins of the dungeon, memories of his past and his promise to Fana flooded his mind, reminding him of the purpose that drove him forward. With renewed determination, he rose once more, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead and fulfill his destiny to explore the vast expanse of the outside world.

In the midst of chaos and conflict, Mars found himself torn between his loyalty to his former comrades and his desire to protect those he cared about. Despite his best efforts to prevent further bloodshed, the situation quickly spiraled out of control, leading to a desperate struggle for survival.

With Fanzell’s intervention, Mars was forced to confront the harsh reality of his past and the consequences of his actions. Yet, amidst the turmoil, a glimmer of hope emerged as Asta and his allies rallied to his side, offering support and guidance in his darkest hour.

As they faced the looming threat of Fana’s self-destructive power, Mars and Asta stood united, their resolve unwavering in the face of impending doom. Together, they braved the flames of destruction, determined to save their friend and forge a new path forward.

In the aftermath of the battle, Mars found solace in the embrace of his newfound companions, their bond strengthened by shared struggles and shared victories. Though the scars of the past would linger, Mars remained steadfast in his determination to protect those he held dear, ready to face whatever challenges the future may bring.

After the intense battle with Ladros and the Witch Queen’s interference, Mars finds himself unconscious alongside Fana. Despite their incapacitation, their allies manage to overcome the Witch Queen’s control and defeat Ladros, leading to the Queen’s acknowledgment of defeat and subsequent healing of everyone.

In the aftermath of the conflict, Mars and Asta reaffirm their bond, promising mutual assistance whenever needed. Mars also receives a gift from the Witch Queen, a bottle of Puppet Bloodflow, which he intends to use to influence the Diamond Kingdom’s king for the greater good. Fana expresses her unwavering support for Mars, promising to wait for him so they can explore the world together once more.

Returning to the Diamond Kingdom, Mars takes decisive action to remove Moris Libardirt from power, signaling his commitment to enact positive change within his country. With his determination and newfound allies, Mars sets out on a path to fulfill his promise and shape a better future for the Diamond Kingdom.