Patolli, also known as Patori, is an elf who leads the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He takes on the identity of Licht. Patolli shares a body with William Vangeance, who leads the Golden Dawn squad. Eventually, Patolli sacrifices himself to protect the Clover Kingdom 

but is later revived in a new artificial body resembling Licht.

Patolli holds Licht as his favorite person. The design of his grimoire serves as the background for Volume 20’s cover. In the Sephirot, Patolli’s position corresponds to Malkuth, representing the ‘Kingdom.’ He ranked #77 in the second popularity poll, #36 in the third, #33 in the fourth, #44 in the fifth, and #47 in the sixth.


Patolli, a tall and slim elf, is a sight to behold. His unique combination of white hair and gold eyes, along with his striking red crescent tattoos, make him stand out wherever he goes. His enigmatic aura is further enhanced by the symbols adorning his head and his stylish looped earrings.

Patolli wears a combination of dark and light robes over light trousers and dark boots. He also sports a padded shirt with a high collar and several belts around his waist. His outfit matches the pattern on his Kippah. Additionally, he wears a long white robe with a hood adorned with black lines and a black shawl held by an ornamental piece. Julius Novachrono injured his right forearm and hand, resulting in complete bandaging. However, months later, Fana heals his arm.

After his reincarnation, Patolli’s ears become pointed, and his tattoos change. As a dark elf, his skin darkens, and his eyes turn black. However, after recovering mentally, his skin and right eye returned to normal. Upon being resurrected in Licht’s artificial body, Patolli’s left eye turns black, and his tattoos vanish. However, six months later, his original tattoos reappeared.


While pretending to be Licht, Patolli shows great care for his followers, becoming upset when one of them is hurt. In return, they are fiercely loyal to him, pledging never to betray him. However, Patolli secretly harbors a deep hatred for all humans, viewing them as treacherous and unworthy. He is driven solely by a desire for revenge and is willing to deceive others to achieve his goals.

Since childhood, Patolli has admired Licht and often stayed by his side. He resents Asta for possessing Licht’s grimoire and swords.

Although his time with William has made him think about humanity, it hasn’t changed his desire to eliminate them. When Zagred revealed himself as the true culprit behind his people’s destruction, Patolli spiraled into despair. The devil not only stole Patolli’s grimoire but also transformed him into a dark elf.

When Asta entered his mind, it uncovered Patolli’s inner turmoil and guilt. Despite his reluctance to admit wrongdoing, Asta’s presence gradually influenced him positively. Their conversation brought out Patolli’s earlier traits, and although initially shocked by Asta’s interference, Patolli found determination in Asta’s ambition to confront his past actions. Reuniting with Licht further revealed Patolli’s vulnerability, strengthening his resolve to save rather than destroy.

With his newfound resolve, Patolli undergoes a profound personality shift. He becomes a kinder and more remorseful person, resolving his doubts about humans. Witnessing the bond between Licht and Lemiel, he is even willing to sacrifice himself to undo the harm he had caused to the Clover Kingdom. His transformation is a testament to the power of redemption and genuine repentance.


  • Light Magic: He can create and control light, using it to blind foes or move swiftly.
  • Healing Magic: Patolli employs this magic for recuperation.
  • Creation Magic: He shapes objects from light with this ability.
  • Reincarnation Magic: Patolli can revive the souls of the deceased in living bodies.
  • Union Magic: By combining his Light Magic with Drowa’s Mirror Magic, Patolli enhances his abilities.


  • Immense Speed: His spells surpass even Julius Novachrono’s Time Magic, allowing him to appear suddenly behind opponents.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Despite severe injuries from Yami Sukehiro, Patolli continues to battle.
  • Patolli’s unique abilities play a crucial Role in the series. As an elf and an Apostle of Sephirah, he possesses immense magical strength. Even while holding back, he effortlessly destroys a cave during his duel with Yami. His mana is sealed, but the accumulated power could potentially wipe out all humans in the Clover Kingdom, underscoring the magnitude of his power and the threat he poses.

Dark Elf Form:

Upon descending into despair, Patolli transforms into a dark elf, amplifying all his abilities and granting access to more malevolent magic:

  • Demon Light Magic: This attribute enables Patolli to wield black light faster and denser than his previous Light Magic. It can influence magic and spells from the underworld.
  • Enhanced Abilities: His speed and magical strength are significantly boosted in this form, allowing him to evade attacks and unleash devastating spells easily.”


Patolli originally possessed a four-leaf clover grimoire filled with light-based magic spells. However, after succumbing to despair, his grimoire transformed into a five-leaf clover and was claimed by Zagred.


Born into the Elf Tribe, Patolli witnesses Licht receiving a grimoire at the age of five. He later questions his mother about the significance of the four-leaf clover. While with Licht and Rhya, they witness a magic tornado, during which Licht saves a woman. Patolli is surprised to see her brother with a four-leaf clover like Licht’s.

Initially skeptical of humans, Patolli trusts Licht’s belief in them. After Licht announces Tetia’s pregnancy, Rhya teases Patolli for being young. Before his grimoire ceremony, Patolli attends Licht and Tetia’s wedding. However, after the ceremony, the elves are betrayed and slaughtered by humans. Zagreb then casts a Reincarnation Magic spell on them.

Despite the complexities of sharing a body, Patolli manages to develop a unique relationship with William Vengeance, the human he inhabits. Unable to use William’s grimoire, Patolli obtains his four-leaf clover and vows to revive the elves and seek revenge on humans. However, his interactions with William go beyond their shared mission, as they develop a mutual understanding and friendship, adding a layer of complexity to Patolli’s character.

Patolli reincarnates Rhya, Vetto, and Fana into human bodies and forms the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He recruits humans as sacrifices and gathers magic stones for the reincarnation ritual. He sends Heath Graice to retrieve a magic stone but remains unfazed when Heath fails, and the Black Bulls obtain it. During an attack on the Royal Capital, Patolli traps Fuegoleon Vermillion with William’s help, steals a magic stone pendant, and injures Fuegoleon.

Later, Patolli confronts Julius Novachrono and Asta at the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s hideout, appearing in a burst of light. Despite his escape with most of his allies, Patolli’s arm is severely injured in the confrontation. He regrets not rescuing some allies but vows to become stronger and dismantle the Clover Kingdom.

Patolli and Valtos pursue Sally to her old laboratory. Enraged by his subordinate’s failure, Patolli attacks Neige and injures Gauche and Theresa. He introduces himself as the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s leader and expresses remorse for Sally’s injuries. Patolli confronts Asta and questions him about his grimoire. Yami intervenes, and a battle ensues, with Patolli revealing his desire to fight a Dark Magic user. Despite Yami’s resistance, Patolli manages to injure him. He shares a story about a town massacred out of envy and greed, leading to a clash with Yami over Fuegoleon’s assassination attempt.

“Patolli heals his cheek wound, surprising Asta and Yami with his Healing Magic. He orders Valtos to capture Asta, allowing him to use force. Asta uses Ki to deflect Valtos’s attack, prompting Patolli’s furious onslaught, causing the cave to collapse. Patolli and Yami continue their fight, with Patolli criticizing the Clover Kingdom’s injustices. As they battle, Valtos interrupts, but Asta handles him, allowing Yami to strike Patolli. Patolli prepares his strongest spell, intending to kill them both.

Yami erects a Dark Magic shield as Patolli fires his spell, but Gauche reflects it at him. Patolli is defeated, admitting Mirror Magic’s effectiveness against Light Magic and promising not to harm Gauche. Yami prepares to apprehend Patolli, the Third Eye appears, and Fana starts healing his injuries. Patolli introduces the Third Eye and boasts of their strength against Yami. Despite Yami’s resolve to surpass his limits, Patolli claims each member of the Third Eye surpasses any Magic Knight captain.

When Jack the Ripper, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte Roselei arrive, Nozel launches an attack, but Fana intervenes. As the battles unfold, Patolli expresses confidence in his comrades’ abilities and decides to retrieve Asta’s grimoire. A portal opens above Patolli, and Yami descends. Asta unexpectedly attacks Patolli, breaking his seal. Patolli demands answers about Asta’s connection to Licht’s grimoire and swords, but the Third Eye’s spell crystallizes his mana.

Days later, Fana heals Patolli’s arm while Rhya attends a meeting disguised as William. Weeks later, Patolli confronts Julius atop the palace wall, revealing himself as Licht. He attacks Julius, but Julius counters and explains his abilities. Despite Patolli’s efforts, Julius outmaneuvers him, cutting Patolli’s cheek and engaging him in a fierce battle.

Realizing Julius is the last obstacle, Patolli unleashes his full power, vowing to eradicate all humans in the Clover Kingdom. He attacks with his Arrows of Judgment, but Julius reverses the spell and saves the citizens instead of himself. Patolli steals two magic stones from Julius and escapes with Valtos.

At the sephirot, Patolli reveals his true intentions to sacrifice humans for his comrades’ revival. After the elves possess humans, Patolli completes his reincarnation and heads to the Royal Capital. Gathering with the Apostles of Sephirah, Patolli summons the gate to the underworld. He battles the Black Bulls, destroys their base, and enters the Shadow Palace. In the Shadow Palace, Patolli confronts Ronne, who reveals Zagred’s manipulation. Zagred tortures Patolli, revealing his true plan and taking his grimoire.

Patolli transforms into a dark elf and attacks Yuno and Asta, who manage to defend against his magic. Nozel intervenes, trapping Patolli in his Silver Star of Execution spell. Asta enters Patolli’s mind, confronting him for his actions and urging him to help defeat Zagred. Patolli agrees and teams up with Asta and Yuno to face Zagred. They encounter a demonic creature from the devil’s world, and Asta emerges unharmed while Patolli’s arm is injured. Nozel assigns them to confront Zagred while he and Mimosa evacuate others.

At the topmost chamber, they meet Lemuel and Secre Swallowtail. Lemiel embraces Patolli, recognizing his intentions. They join forces to fight Zagred, but the devil regenerates after their initial attack.

As Zagred summons more monsters, Patolli recreates his Demon Light Magic, aiding in their defeat. He witnesses Asta and Yuno’s new spells and helps protect Licht and Lemiel. Despite their efforts, Zagred’s magic overwhelms them, and Patolli worries about their comrades below.

After Yami’s spell bisects Zagred, Asta, with Secre’s help, destroys the devil’s heart. Patolli reflects on his actions and decides to let Asta exorcise him to free the elves’ spirits. As Asta nullifies the Reincarnation Magic, Patolli apologizes for his deeds and prepares to disappear. However, Rades resurrects Patolli in Licht’s abandoned body. Patolli thanks Rades before he leaves. Later, Patolli and the other elves discover the village of Elysia and decide to protect Licht and Tetia’s descendants there.

Six months after the elves attacked the Clover Kingdom, Dryad sent Patolli, Rhya, Fana, and Vetto to the Heart Kingdom during Vanica Zogratis and her Dark Disciples’ assault. Arriving after the Disciples’ defeat, they rescue Noelle Silva and other Magic Knights, bringing them to Elysia. Noelle implores Patolli to help them become stronger, and he agrees to teach them Ultimate Magic after seeing their determination.

Three days later, they head to the Spade Kingdom’s capital to halt the Qliphoth Advent Ritual. During the battle, Patolli senses a unique magic attribute from Yuno, confirming his lineage. He later catches William when Asta destroys the ritual’s coffins and aids in giving Yami a weapon to combat Lucifero.

After Asta defeats Lucifero, Patolli witnesses the Black Bulls’ miraculous recovery thanks to Mimosa’s Ultimate Magic, Flower Princess Utopia. He reflects on his inability to heal Yami and Nacht’s injuries, even with his grimoire, showing a sense of regret for his limitations despite his newfound resolve.