Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro, originally known as Sukehiro Yami, hails from the Yami Clan in the Hino Country. As a child, he fled his homeland and ended up shipwrecked in the Clover Kingdom. There, he joined the Grey Deer squad of the Magic Knights and eventually became the inaugural captain of the Black Bull squad.


Yami is a tall, muscular man with grey eyes and medium-length black hair styled in a messy backward comb, giving it a wild appearance. He also has a stubble mustache and beard.

His clothing is minimalistic, consisting of a white A-shirt paired with black trousers. The trousers feature an additional layer of tan leather that covers his outer thighs down to his knees. Held up by a simple belt around his waist, Yami also wears extra belts, one of which carries his grimoire. Completing his ensemble are black high boots that extend up most of his calves.

As captain of the Black Bull squad, Yami wears their signature black banner, draped over his right shoulder and secured by two strings to his left shoulder. The banner appears torn at the edges as if it were once part of a larger banner. After six months of training, Yami’s banner extends longer, now worn over his right shoulder and under his left arm in a cape-like manner.

During the Star Awards Festival, Yami dons a simple robe over a fundoshi (a traditional Japanese undergarment) with a twisted hachimaki (headband) tied in the front. He also carries an uchiwa (fan) featuring the kanji 祭 (“festival”) on both the fan and the back of his robe. The linings of his robe bear the kanji for “raging bull” 「暴れ牛 abare ushi」. In his youth, Yami wore a similar attire, though his muscular build was not as pronounced as it is now.


Yami is known for his rough demeanour. He often displays uncouth behaviour and recklessness and tends to issue death threats over minor provocations. Despite these traits, he is a formidable and respected Magic Knight who saw potential in Asta when others did not.

Personality of Yami Sukehiro in Black Clover Manga

He’s typically stoic, valuing action over words, but can easily fly off the handle over small things like being bumped or interrupted. Yami isn’t one to shy away from intimidation, whether through words or physical force. He often opts for direct, physical solutions to problems, even resorting to damaging the squad’s headquarters to restore order among his subordinates. However, beneath his bull-headed and rough exterior, Yami is a seasoned warrior with keen insight, quickly dissecting opponents’ strategies and devising counters.

In addition, Yami believes in tough love for his subordinates, often assigning them challenging and dangerous missions. He sees this as the most effective way for them to surpass their limits and become stronger. Yami’s inclusive approach extends to recruiting individuals regardless of their social status or personal struggles. He welcomes members like Luck Voltia, Noelle Silva, and Asta into his ranks, fully aware of their backgrounds and challenges. This empathy likely stems from his own experiences of being treated as an outcast in his youth, allowing him to relate to and support his teammates.


Yami wields Dark Magic, a rare attribute that allows him to create and control darkness. He channels this power through his katana, which is his primary weapon. Dark Magic possesses the unique ability to absorb other forms of magic, including Light Magic, and it can even influence other dimensions. Because of its natural affinity with the other world, Yami holds the prestigious rank of Arcane Stage mage.

Yami employs Reinforcement Magic to enhance his physical capabilities, compensating for the slower speed of his Dark Magic. His proficiency is evident in his ability to withstand the immense pressure of Dante Zogratis’s devil-boosted Gravity Magic. He also utilizes Restraining Magic to immobilize his adversaries using darkness. In addition, Yami employs Compound Magic, blending his Dark Magic with that of others to create even more potent spells.


Yami is a master swordsman, inheriting the skill from his ancestors. He imbues his sword with magic and wields it with precision, effortlessly destroying his surroundings. He demonstrates exceptional swordsmanship when duelling Patolli, the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s leader, relying solely on his swordplay and Dark Magic.

In terms of physical abilities, Yami possesses immense strength, which he further enhances with magic. He effortlessly throws Asta great distances using just one hand.

Abilities of Yami Sukehiro

Using ki, Yami’s reflexes are enhanced, enabling him to predict and react to attacks that others cannot anticipate. He counters these attacks with ease, sometimes without even turning around. By combining the Mana Zone with Ki-sensing, Yami can preempt his opponents’ movements, akin to Julius’s future-seeing ability. However, he acknowledges it’s not quite as refined as Julius’s skill.

Yami possesses immense durability. He shrugged off attacks such as Patolli’s light blades and emerged unscathed from attempted cave-ins. He maintained his ability to attack and stand tall even after enduring massive stone pillars created by Dante Zogratis.

His speed is equally remarkable. He can surprise opponents as fast as Patolli and intercept attacks with impeccable timing, even when faced with obstacles like climbing a massive tree. Yami’s agility extends to dodging elf-enhanced arrows and devil-enhanced attacks, thanks to his enhanced reflexes from the Mana Zone and Ki-sensing, along with the power boost from the Mana Zone.

Yami possesses an immense amount of magic power, typical of a Magic Knights squad captain. His magical prowess exceeds that of most commoners and nobles, though Clover royals, elves, and high-ranking devils surpass it. The sheer presence of his power is intimidating, causing anti-birds to flee and intimidating multiple individuals with just a slight release of his energy.

After Yami demonstrates his strength by blocking and countering Patolli, even Valtos wonders if he could rival the Wizard King. The High Priest of the Seabed Temple, Gifso, acknowledges Yami’s overwhelming power, deeming him too formidable for his plans. Witnessing his squad facing dire situations pushes Yami beyond his limits, enabling him to escape Abari’s Different Dimension Sphere and defeat Vetto effortlessly.

Julius Novachrono notes Yami’s growth in power upon his return to the kingdom. Additionally, before being healed, Grey observes that Yami’s body has undergone modifications due to the Qliphoth Advent Ritual.

Yami possesses the skill of Ki, which originates from his homeland. This ability grants him a sixth sense, enabling him to perceive and respond to unseen attacks and individuals.

He also has mastered Mana Zone, a technique that grants him control over all mana within an area surrounding him. This control enhances the power and range of his spells, allowing him to stand and move freely in midair.

As for his stats, they may include parameters such as:

  • Strength: Yami’s physical power and ability to wield his sword effectively.
  • Speed: His swiftness in movement and reaction time.
  • Durability: Yami’s ability to withstand attacks and endure harsh conditions.
  • Magic Power: The magnitude of Yami’s magical abilities and the strength of his spells.
  • Ki Sensing: Yami’s proficiency in using Ki to detect unseen threats and opponents.
  • Mana Control: His skill in manipulating mana to enhance his spells and abilities.
  • Reflexes: Yami’s quick reactions and agility in combat situations.


Grimoire: He possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire containing various dark-based spells.

Katana: Yami wields a katana, a sword from his homeland, the Hino Country. Though broken by Vetto in their first encounter, it’s replaced with a new one afterward. Yami lends this katana to Asta during their fight with Dante, which is later stored in Asta’s grimoire.

Communication Device: Yami uses a small device for squad communication, transmitting audio-only.

Mistilteinn Blade: William Vengeance created this wooden sword, imbued with World Tree Magic. Yami wields it in battle against Lucifero, later having it reshaped to resemble his previous katanas.